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About Us

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About Us

People don't make things in this country anymore.

We do. We are inventors and build things right. And we build them right here in the USA. Since 1962, our high-quality sound conditioners have been known for exceptional audio, ease of use, and durability. We have one goal: to bring serious sleep to millions of people. To do that, we have to be dedicated to customer service. So let us know what you think. We are always listening. Little things (like your opinion, and a good night's sleep) are important to us.

Our Story

It all began in 1962 with a metal dog dish, a case
of insomnia,
and a man who really loved to tinker.

Jim Buckwalter's ingenious invention masked sounds that kept him awake at night. It was quite simple: a turntable motor and a small fan blade inside a dog bowl encased in a disc of foam-covered wood. Jim's device created a deeply soothing sound from rushing air. It also helped people sleep like never before.

Word got out, and soon Jim's friends and family were asking for his sleep machines. A little company was born. And it soon turned into a bigger company. Thats how the original Marpac SleepMate eventually became the current Dohm.

While the Dohm is somewhat more sophisticated than its dog-dish ancestor, its guts are fundamentally the same. And while our company has grown in size over the decades, that same find-an-answer, inventor-ish, gee-whiz attitude is still around here.

We have an old-school commitment to what works. In a technology-infused world, our people are hands-on when it comes to detail-oriented perfection. One phone call with customer service and you'll know that the problem-solving mentality that started this company is also deeply alive and well.

All of our products are still handmade in the USA by people who have been with our company for so long their ears are part of quality control. That's why Marpac products last for decades. And that's why you'll get a serious night's sleep every time you use one.

A little trip down memory lane.

Since we've been around since 1962, we've got all kinds of stuff in our attic. We think it's pretty cool, if we don't say so ourselves, so we've decided to share some of it here. If you have some Sleepmate or Marpac memorabilia, we'd love it if you would take the time to send us a picture or two.

And if you happen to find yourself in Wilmington, North Carolina, come on by for a visit. We've got the first and only museum dedicated to sound conditioners, right here in our production facility.

Our People


I'm Jimmy and I sleep with the Dohm. I am a fetus position sleeper which (I am told) means that I am tough on the outside but sensitive at heart.

Marpac: I joined Marpac in early 2010 and maintain the position of "No Title." My "No Title" position enables me, along with Gordon, to oversee all aspects of our business, literally. Which means that I do nothing! Ok... seriously: I focus on how we stay true to our core values while continuing to grow efficiently and profitably. On any given day, you will find me walking the halls, taking out the trash, loading pallets, and horsing around with our production team. We take our work seriously, but also enjoy having a good time.

Me: With a wife and three kids between the ages of 10 and 14, free time is a precious commodity. Team sports are a big part of our family. When our sports schedule permits, you will find us at the beach and around the water. And yes... I DID catch the white marlin on the wall in my office.


I know it's time to close my eyes when I have to read the same sentence three times. I am a sound sleeper.

Marpac: I'm a co-owner. Been at Marpac since 2010 - where has the time flown? Mac makes me wear my seat belt when driving the fork lift. I am addicted to spreadsheets. And it makes my day when I can eat lunch for under $6.

Me: I gave up golf so I could keep hunting and fishing, and now I keep dead animal parts in my office to scare unruly visitors. I'm married with two daughters, but my dachshund's a male.


I had never heard of Sound Conditioning before coming to Marpac, and can truthfully say that I have been a user of our product nightly for almost 30 years.

Marpac: I am the VP of Production and have been with Marpac for 30 years as of August, 2011. I started as an employee and eventually became a partial owner of the company until 2010, when we sold to Jimmy and Gordon. All of this means that I have been with the company long enough to have worked on almost every model we have manufactured.

Me: I have been married for 33 years and have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I have a pilot license, and I love flying airplanes, but I have a fear of heights. I also love music - I play piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet.


I sleep well... "Peggy" needs her beauty rest!

Marpac: Known for my varied and colorful nicknames, I have been the primary contact for all dealers of all Marpac product lines for the past four and a half years.

Me: When I am not helping our customers, I can be found on the tennis courts, attending one of many sporting or scouting events for one of my two children, bowling or golfing. The Wilmington tennis team I play on has qualified for state tennis tournaments two of the last four years.


I dream in Scarlet and Gray! (see below)

Marpac: I'm the Relationship Manager here at Marpac. As the head of manager of the customer service team, I work hard to support our dealers, our customers, our community, and our employees. I am happy to chat with you via twitter (@mOHMents), LiveChat, email, or good old fashioned telephone.

Me: As Ohio natives, my husband and I along with our two young children are faithful members of the Buckeye nation... (see above)


I count numbers, not sheep.

Marpac: Technically, I'm the VP of Finance. Somehow I've become the IT department, as well. I'm a modern-day Marpac Renaissance man!

Me: I was born and raised in the mountains of NC, but I like surfing and scuba diving. I am into theoretical physics, philosophy, and the deep mysteries of the Universe. I am writing a philosophical novel, and am about 200 pages into it, though I haven't picked up the pen in a couple of years...


We fight over who gets to sleep with our Sound Machine each night. Usually, the kids join us so we can all listen to the soothing surf sounds.

Marpac: I pride myself on living up to my name by providing the best possible service to our valued customers each and every day.

Me: I have a beautiful family with two adorable children.


I am told that I develop superhuman blanket-pulling powers when I sleep. I even have a signature move: the snatch-and-roll-away-with-80%-of-the-covers. I don't believe any of this.

Marpac: I'm the "marketing department." I love what I do and the people I work with, and I'm sleeping better, too, thanks to the very first gift the company gave me (take a wild guess).

Me: I hail from the Caribbean, originally, which means that I spend most of the winter looking unabashedly like the Michelin Man and trying not to whine too much. My husband and I take our two dogs to the park daily in a (futile) attempt to run the "crazy" out of them.


When I sleep I like to have my Dohm running at FULL BLAST!!!!!

Marpac: I am currently in charge of shipping and receiving.

Me: I like to cycle. I am also the proud parent of a soldier; my daughter is a combat medic stationed at Ft Hood.

We Believe
  • We believe the little things are really the big things. And that each of us has the power to make the world just a little bit better, every day.
  • We are functionality fanatics.
  • We are responsive, can-do individuals.
  • We are inventors, tinkerers, and crafters.
  • We are good people who do the right thing, even when no one's looking.
  • We have a rich history which is worth sharing.
  • We develop and assemble quality products with a purpose.
  • We are committed to our families, friends, communities, our country and our economy.
  • We will help, by making helpful products and backing them with great customer service.
  • WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and get a serious night's sleep. We want to help you to do the same.

Contact Us

Email us at: info@marpac.com

Snailmail us at Marpac:

2015 Capital Drive, Wilmington NC 28405

Or call us at : 800-999-6962 (USA)

Or: 910-602-1421 (Worldwide)