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Who Loves Us

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Who Loves Us

We get love letters.

We get them from people ranging from new moms discovering the benefits of sound conditioners for the first time to customers who've been using the same Marpac machine for 45 years. Our products mask all kinds of noises, from sirens on city streets to confidential conversations in quiet offices. The one thing we can't mask is what these people are saying.

Not to toot our own horn, but pretty much everyone loves our machines. Here are a few of our most well-rested fans.

Dohm is recognized as the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation.

The Press needs a little serious sleep too.

We also like to do nice things for people who do nice things for others.

In addition to our serious sleep-loving testimonials, you'll find wake-up reviews at places like Amazon, Walmart, and Target websites, to name a few.

Bottom line: Once you try our product, you'll love us, too.

Partners and Press

People are talking about us...

We were recently featured on The Nate Berkus Show and chosen by sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus. Our TSC-330 giveaway made several hundred people sublimely sleep-happy.

The New York Times praised us in it's article on the all-important "good night's sleep."

We have been featured on the "Today" show, "The View", and The History Channel ("Modern Marvels"), to name a few.

Our Dohm is recognized as the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation

The National Sleep Foundation is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to the mission of waking America to the importance of sleep. Here at Marpac, we, too, want to spread the word about the importance of sleep. After all, sleep is our livelihood. So when the NSF approached us about joining them, along with a select group of reputable, sleep-centric companies, we got on board. From that partnership grew the NSF Dohm, the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation.

We're excited to be a part of this movement, and hope that it does great things for the state of snooze in America.

The Gift of Sleep

Marpac gives hundreds of sound conditioners to soldiers serving our country. Often they suffer from tinnitus, or have trouble sleeping in tough conditions. It is the least we can do for these brave people.

We donate sound conditioners to hospitals and organizations dedicated to helping low-income mothers and children. The power of sleep to change lives cannot be underestimated.

Sleep Nation

Join the millions of satisfied Marpac sound conditioner fans who have been surprised at how much their sleep improved, or at how much better they can concentrate while studying. If you don't love that soothing sound, send it back for a complete refund.
Our sound conditioners are especially useful for:


Go ahead. Share the love.

We get so many amazing letters here at Marpac. We've helped save snorers' marriages. Helped people get along with roommates. Kept people out of jail who wanted to throttle noisy neighbors (we actually got a letter like that). We've even helped restless pets get some serious zzzz's. Many of our sound conditioners have been part of the family for decades. That makes us sleep better, knowing we're making a difference.

Tell us your Marpac story, join us on Facebook, or write us a snail mail letter. We'd love to hear from you.

  • ...Would be lost without one!

    M.T. - Baton Rouge, LA

  • ...I love it! Wish I had known about it years ago.

    C.R. - Homosassa Springs, FL

  • ...It's a marriage saver.

    D.M. - San Clemente, CA

  • ...Great Product - Reliability is excellent.

    C.E.C. - Lake Wales, FL

  • ...More effective than "nature-type" sounds. Similar to air conditioner but much more economical to run.

    P.Y. - Philadelphia, PA

  • ...Love the sound - doesn't sound like a radio station off the air like the one I used before.

    S.A.S. - Whitney Point, NY

  • ...Best sound conditioner ever made. I can "hear" digital loops on your competitors', but since yours is mechanical, there is no perceivable loop. Perfect.

    M.F. - Manchester, NH

  • ...This is a terrific product! For the first time in 14 years I can't hear the freeway noise & sleep through the night. I have recommended it to others! Thanks!

    S.W. - North Hollywood, CA

  • ...I Love this product! My son sleeps so much better with it! I had to buy a 2nd one for his grandma's house. I also like that it is MADE IN THE USA! GO MARPAC!

    K.G. - Scottsboro, AL

  • ...My daughter has one - she simply won't leave home without it. It seems like it's going to replace many sleeping pills for me.

    N.A. - Shreveport, LA

  • ...We have one in all 4 bedrooms - I can't sleep without it!

    A.J. - Marietta, GA

  • ...I would have died from sleep deprivation if it were not for my sound machines; I sleep between two sound machines.

    D.P.J. - Newport, RI

  • ...Love, Love, Love

    M.B. - Rice, VA

  • ...Thank you! This saved my sleep!

    A.G. - West Des Moines, IA

  • ...Amazed at how relaxing this unit is. I can feel the layers of stress peel away from the day as I use it.

    L.K. - Rapid City, SD

  • ...Great Machine - the answer to snore torture.

    R.L. - York, MA

  • ...These things are great. We could not live (sleep) without them.

    K.A.B. - Denton, TX

  • ...I bought the last one 40 years ago and it's still working.

    M.B. - Saginaw, MI

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