helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep.

Dohm = Shhhh = Happy Families

From the company that is serious about sleep, comes a product beloved by generations — a sound machine that is soothing to babies and their families. The Dohm’s white noise replicates the soothing “shhhh” sound recommended by leading experts and pediatricians. So babies sleep better. Which means that the entire household can catch some much-needed serious Z’s, too.

We know that moms love the Dohm, because they say so. (And we listen to our mothers!)

They love that the Dohm:

  • Soothes their children to sleep (and helps keep them there!).
  • Helps prevent members of the household from waking each other up, and makes disturbing noises outside the house less likely to disrupt sleep.
  • Lets moms carry on “normal” activities without tiptoeing around,worrying about waking the baby.
  • Is natural and organic — no digital loops or recordings; doesn’t create cold wind like fans or take up as much space as a humidifier (other sources of white noise).
  • Can travel to Grandma’s house (or anywhere else, for that matter), making a sound sleep environment and consistent sleepy-time routine completely portable.
  • Does not interfere with baby monitors , giving moms the security that their little ones are safe and sound. Frequently, a Dohm purchased for a baby is a “gateway” purchase — they love the Dohm so much that additional units are purchased for the rest of the household.
  • Is a quality-made product assembled right here in the USA. And it is the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation.

These moms have found their ZZZZs! :

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Best item ever for a new baby — at least for the parents. This will put a baby to sleep in short order. This is our second Sound Conditioner in two months because the first one did such a fantastic job. The hospital should offer these with every delivery — gets the baby to sleep & lets Mom & Dad get some much needed sleep. Wish we would have had them when our kids were little — kids that are now receiving these as gifts. Love it!

Happy Mom 317

I have a two-year-old and a six-month old. Each one has this product in their room. It’s amazing because it blocks out all other noise, including middle of the night crying sessions! I will even take this with me on vacation. A must buy for all moms!!!

Happy Mom 428

This sound machine is exactly what I was hoping for. No lullabies, no forest sounds, no 10 minute shut off — just plain old, consistent background noise. I actually bought it for my baby. I have a new baby as well as a 2 1/2 year old and it was getting really annoying trying to shush my toddler and anyone else in the house when the baby was napping or sleeping. Baby was a light sleeper and would wake easily when my toddler was running around, playing or laughing and such. This sound machine totally blocks out the house noises so my baby can sleep comfortably and everyone else in the house can talk, play, make noise without worry.

Happy Mom 135

I love love love it! My baby sleeps through the night now ever since I put it in her room the first night! It is a life saver! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a baby that is having problems sleeping through the night!!

Happy Mom 112

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